$WINS Token

$WINS is a gaming rewards token designed to be sustainable and deflationary in order to address problems from the last generation of "play-to-earn" web3 games. $WINS reward tokens are obtained exclusively through public markets like Uniswap, and games must purchase $WINS using their own revenue. This ensures all $WINS emissions are non-inflationary, creating a more sustainable rewards token. See Sustainability and Deflationary Rewards for more information.
$WINS also functions as a governance token, voting on DAO proposals on how to best improve the ecosystem.
$WINS is native to Ethereum as an ERC-20 token. However, $WINS activity primarily takes place on Polygon PoS, which has much lower gas fees. The majority of DEX liquidity will be on Polygon, though CEX listings likely use Ethereum. See DeFi for more details.