🏆Trophy: Gaming Loyalty Platform

Gaming is a huge industry, with over 3 billion gamers worldwide and industry size of $175 billion or more. Mobile games advertising itself is a $26 billion dollar industry. Every mobile gamer can attest to being bombarded with advertisements. They are the valuable target audience, yet receive little in direct compensation. From the game developer's perspective, the quality of users is often quite low, diluted with bots, fraud, and other extractive behavior. Advertisers are okay to let some fraud slip in as it boosts their numbers. This leads to a situation where games are unwilling to pay much for users since they are often low-quality. In contrast, Trophy aims to directly connect games to players, offering high-quality users albeit at a higher price.

Trophy is the world's first gaming loyalty platform, built to serve both mobile and web3 games. Trophy offers a curated list of games for players to choose from, like a miniature app store. Players are financially rewarded for their in-game progress via gift cards or $WINS tokens -- the more they play, the more they earn. On the other side, game developers pay Trophy to be featured and acquire users. In this way, Trophy cuts out the game advertiser middleman, passing along games' ad spend directly to users.

$WINS utilizes an innovative revenue-based token design to allow Trophy to distribute token rewards while remaining non-inflationary. Many infamously boom-and-bust game reward tokens were unbacked and hyperinflationary. Player reward tokens were emitted willy-nilly, regardless of game revenue. $WINS changes the script -- all $WINS rewards distributed to players come from public market purchases using actual ad revenue earned by Trophy. For example, when a player earns $5 of $WINS, $5 of Trophy's ad revenue is used to purchase $WINS tokens from Uniswap DEX pools. This changes the game on rewards: unlike many other hyperinflationary game reward tokens, $WINS are based on real world value.

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