Direct-to-Player Marketing

Games need to reach players. Organic discovery through mobile app stores is difficult, as thousands of games are competing for the same "top 10" slots, and the app stores are restrictive monopolies who have not invested much in discoverability. Traditionally, mobile games reach players thru targeted video advertisements. This industry alone is over $26 billion a year.

However, targeted video ads rely on targeting to be effective, and recent data privacy restrictions pushed especially on iOS are preventing that targeting. This is causing game ads to be less relevant to users, which reduces clickthru and increases the customer acquisition costs for mobile games. Moreover, ad tech is dominated by a few middleman monopolies who don't leave many other options.

Rather than relying on advertising, Trophy offers a new model -- direct-to-player marketing. Games are willing to spend money to acquire users. Why not let users get a piece of that? By cutting out the middleman, Trophy passes more value to both players and games.

Game Partnerships

Trophy offers a variety of games on the platform. The games are primarily dictated by demand from game advertising. Initially the demand will come through public game marketing networks. Once the playerbase is sufficiently large, Trophy aims to strike direct deals with game developers, which greatly opens up the options.

Game marketers want players to install the game and reach certain milestones in the game to ensure that they are quality players. Marketers are willing to pay to acquire such quality players, and Trophy passes along this payment to users in the form of rewards. In this way, player rewards for Trophy are covered by revenue.

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