$WINS is based on Ethereum, but most activity will likely take place on Polygon PoS. Our project-supported liquidity pools are set up on Polygon, and Trophy's revenue-based purchases will take place there.

$WINS is tradable on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap. Liquidity is deepest on Polygon PoS trading pairs.

$WINS is also tradable on some centralized exchanges (CEXs). Note that, since $WINS is based on Ethereum, most of these exchanges will use Ethereum $WINS rather than Polygon $WINS that is awarded via Trophy app.

To move $WINS between Ethereum and Polygon, be sure to use the Portal Bridge, built by Wormhole. Do NOT use any other bridge, including the native Polygon PoS bridge, as that will not work. The version of $WINS supported on Polygon uses the Portal Bridge.

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